Southbox Entertainment is focused on important true-to-life dramas, thrillers, comedies that draw from intellectual property acquired from around the globe. 

Southbox is an independent motion picture and television production company that specializes in financing, co-financing, and developing original scripted and unscripted content.

We maintain offices in both Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA.


Southbox Entertainment (” Southbox “) does not encourage the submission of unsolicited information or material including, without limitation, film or television show pitches, concepts, formats, scripts, ideas, or any other material or information. Based on this policy, Southbox Entertainment will not treat any unsolicited submission as confidential or proprietary, and will incur no liability in the event that an unsolicited submission is inadvertently opened, read or responded to by a Southbox employee or agent. Any submission, whether unsolicited or solicited by Southbox shall become the property of Southbox, in the absence of prior written agreement between the Southbox team and the submitting person or entity, and may be exploited in any way at Southbox’ sole discretion. By sending any submission, he or she waives the right to make any claim against Southbox.

“Southbox Entertainment”, “Southbox Ent”, “”, and “Southbox” are tradenames of Southbox Entertainment LLC, a limited liability company.

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